Active Extreme 2.0

Changing the game. Once again.

The world's most advanced baselayer once again ups the ante. Engineered to make athletes lighter, faster and better, Active Extreme 2.0 takes performance baselayer to a whole new level.

Building on the highly successful baselayer Active Extreme, which was worn by 38 medalists at the Sochi Olympics, Active Extreme 2.0 is made of a double-layer fabric featuring CoolMax® Air, a new generation of performance fibers engineered with a propeller shape that offers outstanding air permeability and rapidly drives moisture from the skin. The fiber surface area is bigger than generic wicking cross-sections, providing a larger surface area for movement of sweat – which results in faster and greater moisture transport.

In addition, this exceptional high-tech fabric weighs in at a mere 100 gsm, making the new collection 20 gsm lighter than its predecessor.

True to its Active Extreme legacy, the 2.0 comes with technical features such as 3D fit and bodymapped mesh panels with big holes ensuring total freedom of movement and superior ventilation. As a result, the garments allow elite athletes and enthusiasts to perform with optimal body temperature during racing and high-intensity workouts in mild to cold conditions.