Charlotte Kalla

Cross-Country Skiing

We are proud to say that we have worked together with cross-country skier Charlotte Kalla since the early days of her elite career. During this period we have witnessed a junior world champion blossom into a full-grown superstar with a knack for awe-inspiring skiing.

Who can forget the iconic come-from-behind victory in the 4x5 km relay at the 2014 Sochi Olympics? Or the seemingly impossible pursuit up Alpe de Cermis to win the 2008 Tour de Ski?

Boasting several Olympic gold medals and world champs triumphs, Charlotte is still only in the middle of her career. And if everything pans out as planned, if the love for all things skiing continues to grow within, she is poised to ascend the throne as the next queen of XC. In fact, she is already halfway there.

More than just racing!

Although her victories tend to be of the dazzling kind, Charlotte is a woman with both feet on the ground. Yes she wants to win, but to her skiing is more than competing. It’s also a lifestyle, a way to experience the beauty of nature, see new places and meet interesting people. And of course to push limits through grueling workouts.

A long fruitful cooperation.

Over the years Kalla has been a key player in the R&D process for our XC collection, and lately also in the development of the Trainingwear garments.

Innovations this athlete helped us develop


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