Marit Bjørgen

Cross-Country Skiing

Six Olympic gold medals, twelve world champs triumphs and a huge pile of world cup victories. The facts speak the truth: Marit Bjørgen is undoubtedly the best and greatest cross-country skier the world has ever seen. And most likely ever will see.

Working out excruciatingly hard, Marit won her first world cup race in 2002 at the age of twenty-two. This breakthrough victory was followed by three years of great success, until the Norwegian superstar came to a sudden and surprising halt.

The slump lasted for almost four years and many thought Bjørgen’s golden days were over. But Marit knew she had more to give -- much more – and by changing her workout routine completely, focusing on mental training, balance, coordination, strength, technique and most of all joy, she catapulted her career to legendary heights.

Key role in our ski gloves development.

A Craft collaborator since 2014, Marit plays a key role in the development of our ski gloves and performance baselayers. Products that most certainly will experience their share of great victories while worn by the next generation of stars, but also by Marit herself. After all, this hardworking thirty-plus phenomenon is still the one to beat.

Innovations this athlete helped us develop

Stay Cool

Provides superior cooling and freedom of movement during workouts in warm conditions.

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Be Active

Provides optimal body-temperature management during workouts in fair and cold conditions.

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