René Holten Poulsen


Known for his speed and relentless determination, Danish sprint kayaker René Poulsen has compiled an impressive track record: World champion, four-time European champion as well as runner-up at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. And he is still only halfway through his career!

In a sport where you weigh the garments to find the optimal setup, René is extremely careful with the choices he makes. Everything must be perfect, from the food he eats to the baselayer he wears.

It seems like an easy task to provide a kayaker with clothes, doesn’t it? But when you realize that René often works out three hours on end in the gym and then goes for a paddle in the middle of winter, things become a little more complicated.

Collaborative product development.

We provide René with all his clothing requirements including training garments, baselayers, accessories, recovery items and leisurewear. Our collaboration also means that René plays a major part in Craft’s R&D process for the development of new high-performance baselayer products.

Innovations this athlete helped us develop

Be Active

Provides optimal body-temperature management during workouts in fair and cold conditions.

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Cool Seamless is designed to provide optimal comfort and body-temperature management during intense workouts in warm conditions. Featuring a seamless design, this baselayer offers a chafe-free and smooth touch against the skin. A tight fit and highly functional COOLMAX® polyester combine to efficiently pull perspiration off your body, keeping you cool and dry throughout any workout.

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Compression garments’ effect on performance has been wildly debated for several years. It’s been proven that compression can enhance blood circulation and reduce post-exercise swelling, but does it really make you run faster or longer? The answer is that not enough research has been done to prove whether you become a better runner wearing compression garments.

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